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Front view of CaseCam, the iPhone tripod.

The Easiest Way to Capture Group Photos

The wifi viewfinder feature of the CaseCam app allows users to frame pictures and trigger the shutter remotely!

The sleekest way to take hands-free photos or video.

The kickstand clicks into the case when you don’t need it, and it also works horizontally to prop up your phone for viewing videos.

CaseCam, the iPhone tripod

top view of casecam iphone case

Get Back #inthepicture

CaseCam uses a flip-out mirror kickstand to allow you to take pictures and video without having to hold up your phone.

  • I have a tripod with an iPhone attachment but never use it because it takes forever to set up and it’s a lot to carry around. CaseCam is a quick and easy solution to this problem. Now I can film my swing whenever and wherever.

    ryanRyan Young, Golf Professional

  • It is a versatile and innovative product that helps capture images in so many practical situations.
    Taking pictures with friends has never been easier.

    nickNick Schonewald, Student

  • With CaseCam’s Bluetooth pairing and screen sharing, our photos will always look the way we want and with everyone included in the picture. We want our kids and our grandkids to look back at these photos and see that we were all there together.

    justinJustin Cicero, CaseCam Cofounder

  • In class, being able to have hands-free reliable recording capabilities for lectures would ensure that if I didn’t absorb all the information in class, I would have a recording of the lecture where I wouldn’t miss a word.

    garettGarett Ochs, CaseCam Cofounder

  • Whenever I travel, it’s almost impossible to take group photos without leaving someone out – usually myself. CaseCam makes it easy to take photos of myself and my friends no matter where I go.

    allieAllie Mullen, Student

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  • The CaseCam App’s innovative wifi-viewfinder feature lets you use your friend’s iPhone (or your iPad) to see what your CaseCam sees, so you can frame the photo while you are in it.


  • Use the CaseCam App’s adjustable timer to take photos when no one is around to take the photo for you!


  • Take pictures and video remotely, even without wifi! By syncing up with a friend’s iPhone or your iPad you can snap photos at a distance, allowing you to get everyone #inthepicture.


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